Strategic management and Innovation

What is Gamification and How Can This Help Your Business

Gamification in business is all about the process to improve those things which are already existed. It is a method of integrating game mechanics into your system to add further value such as individual’s participation, engagement, and loyalty. This can be anything like a website, social media presence, an enterprise application or engagement.

The scope of work has been changed from the last few decades and everything has been changing rapidly because of the latest technology trends. Now it depends on us how we react and respond against these technology changes. We must acknowledge that nothing in this world is permanent except “Change”.

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What is Employee Retention and What Factors Contribute to it

Employee’s retention is referring to an organization ability that how it retains their employees in the long run. An organization main goal is to develop such employee retention strategies that are fulfilling the basic needs and requirements of employees to enhance their job performance and also cutting the additional cost that is spending in the hiring and training of the employees.

However, it is common for the organization to face the turnover, mostly those organizations face a higher turnover than others due to the factor of wages, working environment, job nature, and other factors.

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How to Make a Better Time Management

Time management is all about organizing and planning your specific activities within a specified time period. Time management is an art that enables you to do your tasks in a smart way as compare to hard work. By working smartly, you can do your complex task within a short time.

Failing to complete your tasks within a specified time period always decrease your efficiency and increase your stress level. High performers in the organization always manage their time effectively. Time management skill always improves your functionality.

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When to Hold Virtual Meeting?

Virtual meeting is a kind of meeting that is held virtually among the people around the world without the restriction of location, they can easily communicate through different media channels like video, audio, and text.

People can easily communicate, share information and data virtually with each other without existing in the physical location. They can use different video teleconference software’s like Microsoft Skype, Adobe connects and Google Hangouts to conduct virtual meetings.

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How to Improve Your Corporate Training (no one gets upset)?

Corporate Training has evolved rapidly in the recent years and become a new strategy to develop and enhance employee’s skills and knowledge of an organization so that they equipped with the new skills and can play a vital role in the organization growth. Now different universities are also offering different courses on corporate training and an individual can also get the certificate of corporate training.

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Tips to Increase Your Team’s Productivity

Increase productivity is a process that involves increasing your team’s satisfaction with their jobs, and giving them effective tools to perform their assigned tasks. As a manager, leading a team is never easy. Bringing different people of different temperament to form a group can sometimes lead to a clash and unproductivity in the workplace.

This can make you frustrated, but with the right tact and tip, you can make your team achieve great professional goals. No matter how productive your team has been, there is always a new way to take your team’s productivity to a new level.

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Do You Have Time Management Skills?

There is hardly ever anyone you meet that does not want to improve their time management skills. People are always seeking to learn a new skill or regime. There are many time management skills that that can help you to be more productive in your day to day activities.

Time management is the process of consciously planning your time. It is exercising control on time spent on activities. Managers often have the heaviest workload in the department of any organization. They have to manage their jobs, and that of others. Here are some time management tips for managers and benefits of time management:

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6 Steps of Team Building

Many managers always wonder to create powerful team building activities. According to recent statistics, it has been proven that an effective team will most likely out-perform individual workers. As we said in this article about work inspiration, According to Gallup, approximately 85% of employees say they are not engaged or are actively disengaged at work. Not good at all.

The effective team has more advantage over individual workers especially in high pressure or multiple tasking situations. It is every leader’s dream to increase productivity of their team but no matter how hard you try, you only get it together for a few days. Team building requires more than just dedication to teamwork, or building different people with similar interest. You might have stayed up all night coming up with this perfect speech for your team but then, going out to address your team members’ turns out less effective than planned.

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3 Tips to Promote Diversity in the Workplace

Are you one of those managers or team leaders who don’t believe that diversity in the workplace is a good thing? According to Forbes, diversity allows your company to have a wider range of talent, and not just talent that that is familiar to certain ethnicity or other restriction definition. Diversity offers insight into the needs and motivations of all your clients/ customers- not just a part of it.

Research also shows that diversity in the workplace promotes efficiency and productivity. However, implementing it is far difficult than anticipated but as you read, you’ll learn how to promote diversity in the workplace.

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