Strategic management and Innovation

Moving forward to success with the right management skills

A significant factor that affects how an organization moves forward is the management skills of the people in key places — managers, supervisors, executives. Decision-makers need to be on-point in the way they manage resources like manpower, finances, and time in order to help propel their company towards greater success. In the same vein, people who wish to pursue greater heights in their respective careers also need to display the right management skills.

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Security Best Practices When Working From Home

Working from home while sipping coffee in pajamas sure is quite the way to live. Indeed, more companies and employees alike are hopping on the digital nomad bandwagon than ever before.

And why shouldn’t they?

Employees can work from home, set their own schedules and save big on commuting daily, while companies can slash infrastructure costs by leveraging their workforce’s hardware and software.

Why invest in costly stuff when all your employees already have it? But, doing so is easier said than done. Since you have no way of knowing how much seriously your remote workers take security, you might open up a digital pandora’s box by letting them run company data through unsecure ware. Companies obviously have to update their security best practices if they want to safely exist in a world without borders.

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How to Build Emotional Resilience in 5 Easy Steps

We are all wondering what makes a highly successful employee. Chances are that most people believe that intelligence and going beyond and above the demands of the job position such as working extra hours or taking extra tasks is the key to become successful at work. Yet, times are changing and so do the traits of successful employees – pay attention to emotional resilience.

Stress in the workplace is increasing along with the pace of global change being associated with work overload, role conflicts, job insecurity, and deadlines. Although the development of business intelligence software helps employees work more efficiently, some of them still feel overwhelmed by their job tasks. Thus, success relies on an individual’s capacity to cope and even thrive when faced with stressful situations. The way resilient employees perceive their occupation and day-to-day tasks sets them apart by perceiving their work as meaningful.

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4 Tips on How to Create Company Wellness Programs that Work

When was the last time you took a nap during office hours? Chances are that you did it not so long ago, as 51.8 percent of Americans admit to napping at work, according to a recent survey. Okay, let me ask you this: when was the last time you took a nap during office hours with a 25-foot, 3,500-gallon saltwater aquarium arched above your head?

This is what Zappos, an online shoe retailer, offers its employees. The company has a dedicated “nap room” where people can enjoy vibrant saltwater fish swimming over their heads and take a nap in a massage chair. According to their website, it took them eight weeks to construct this amazing nap room to provide their employees with an incredible opportunity to refresh during work hours by napping.

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Everything You Need to Know About the Digital Strategy

In the ever-changing environment, everyone needs to be updated as per the demands of time. Those who don’t respond to the changes fail in the end. Similarly, organizations and businesses need continuous improvement and evolution for their survival through digital strategy. We are living in a computer age which has made the world a global village. Companies and organizations should be responsive to technological changes in their progress.

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What is Gamification and How Can This Help Your Business

Gamification in business is all about the process to improve those things which are already existed. It is a method of integrating game mechanics into your system to add further value such as individual’s participation, engagement, and loyalty. This can be anything like a website, social media presence, an enterprise application or engagement.

The scope of work has been changed from the last few decades and everything has been changing rapidly because of the latest technology trends. Now it depends on us how we react and respond against these technology changes. We must acknowledge that nothing in this world is permanent except “Change”.

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What is Employee Retention and What Factors Contribute to it

Employee’s retention is referring to an organization ability that how it retains their employees in the long run. An organization main goal is to develop such employee retention strategies that are fulfilling the basic needs and requirements of employees to enhance their job performance and also cutting the additional cost that is spending in the hiring and training of the employees.

However, it is common for the organization to face the turnover, mostly those organizations face a higher turnover than others due to the factor of wages, working environment, job nature, and other factors.

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14 Tips on How to Manage Time Better

Time management is all about organizing and planning your specific activities within a specified time period, so you will want to know how to manage time better. Time management is an art that enables you to do your tasks in a smart way as compare to hard work. By working smartly, you can do your complex task within a short time.

Failing to complete your tasks within a specified time period always decrease your efficiency and increase your stress level. High performers in the organization always manage their time effectively. Time management skill always improves your functionality.

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11 Tips to Organize and Hold a Virtual Meeting

Virtual meeting is a kind of meeting that is held virtually among the people around the world without the restriction of location, they can easily communicate through different media channels like video, audio, and text.

People can easily communicate, share information and data virtually with each other without existing in the physical location. They can use different video teleconference software’s like Microsoft Skype, Adobe connects and Google Hangouts to conduct virtual meetings.

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