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6 Steps of Team Building

Many managers always wonder to create powerful team building activities. According to recent statistics, it has been proven that an effective team will most likely out-perform individual workers. As we said in this article about work inspiration, According to Gallup, approximately 85% of employees say they are not engaged or are actively disengaged at work. Not good at all.

The effective team has more advantage over individual workers especially in high pressure or multiple tasking situations. It is every leader’s dream to increase productivity of their team but no matter how hard you try, you only get it together for a few days. Team building requires more than just dedication to teamwork, or building different people with similar interest. You might have stayed up all night coming up with this perfect speech for your team but then, going out to address your team members’ turns out less effective than planned.

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3 Tips to Promote Diversity in the Workplace

Are you one of those managers or team leaders who don’t believe that diversity in the workplace is a good thing? According to Forbes, diversity allows your company to have a wider range of talent, and not just talent that that is familiar to certain ethnicity or other restriction definition. Diversity offers insight into the needs and motivations of all your clients/ customers- not just a part of it.

Research also shows that diversity in the workplace promotes efficiency and productivity. However, implementing it is far difficult than anticipated but as you read, you’ll learn how to promote diversity in the workplace.

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Motivational Speeches to Engage Your Team

Encouraging your team through the use of motivational speeches cannot be overemphasized as its benefits towards the productivity and efficiency of your team are numerous.

As a team leader, using motivational speeches as a tool to enhance workplace performance, spurring them into working harder and smarter. When you motivate your team, they are bound to attempt and complete all tasks given to them efficiently before the set deadline.

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Business and Networking Questions

There are alot of networking questions asked by business owners because every business owner wants to ensure that their businesses grow. In search of this growth, they try to increase productivity and efficiency through by employing high-skilled staff, training their staff and working over-time. However, all these might not really be enough in some cases. What if you have all these but no contract? This is where networking comes in. Networking gives you that edge in whatever industry your business is in.

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How to Get Inspired at Work

Why do you think people lose the thrill to work? They literally started with all gusto and enthusiasm but along the line, they just seem to be lethargic and uninterested. Could it be termed as incompetence or maybe laziness? According to Gallup, approximately 85% of employees say they are not engaged or are actively disengaged at work. This statistics should scare employers because if your staff become uninterested, then productivity drops drastically.

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Decision Making: How it Works and Ways of Improving the Process

Decision making is so pertinent in today’s businesses. As a matter of fact, every staff or team member is expected to contribute to the decision-making process of an organization. According to UMass, decision making is the process of making choices by identifying a decision, gathering information, and assessing alternative resolutions. Why is the decision-making process very delicate and important? Because if it’s wrongly executed, can reward catastrophic effects on performance, efficiency, and ruin subsequent decision-making processes.

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4 Steps to Develop a High-Performance Team

Building a team to deliver quality at all times is a very important aspect of improving efficiency and productivity. A high-performing team will always deliver results. Unfortunately, not all business owners/team leaders know how to build their team to that level of competence and efficiency. Some employers spend a lot of money hiring professional trainers to help them develop their team which may not necessarily effect significant changes in the team’s performance. 

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How to Meet Company Goals in 2019

2019 is here again and you are yet to have a set of goals you want your company to achieve by December. It is important to develop and learn how to set goals for your business in order to have direction. If you don’t set goals, it would be much difficult to evaluate your business success or otherwise. More so, setting your business goals only is not enough to accomplish success. You also need to learn how to meet your company goals.

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Everything You Need to Know About Cost Management

Cost management is the process of planning and controlling the costs involved in running a business. Looks simple, right? However, looks can be deceiving! Costs are one of the principal factors in determining whether a company will succeed or fail. But don’t worry, we’re here to help! Here, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about cost management.

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