Qualities of a good leader: a great discussion

Do you know how to describe the qualities of a good leader? It’s easy to generalize, and hard to say specificities – after all, each person has their own characteristics. I was reading a topic in a Linkedin discussion group about leadership. The answers for the question, “In ten words or less, specify what it is separates a boss from a leader”, make a synthesis of our discussion. Here are some of the qualities of a good leader mentioned there, and I start whith a question: which you would follow if you were not required to? Do you agree with them?



1. Shows you how to do it and motivates you to follow him through his example

1. Only tells you what to do

2. People follow leaders because they believe

2. They follow the boss because they have to

3. Includes you

3. Orders you

4. Says “let’s go”

4. Says “go”

5. Demonstrates way

5. Is “do as I say”

6. Gives direction

6. Shouts instructions

7. Is a motivator

7. Is a bully

8. Leads by example

8. Follows his ego

9. Not every one can become a leader

9. Anyone can become a boss

10. Model

10. Command

11. You can choose

11. You cannot choose

12. Does the right thing

12. Does things right

13. Says “we”

13. Says “I”

14. I can go far

14. I can go fast

15. Leads the practioner and make future leaders

15. Is practitioner

16. Inspires you to do your best

16. Demands you to put your best

17. Shows the big picture

17. Ensures implementation

18. Inspires innovation and instills loyalty

18. Ensures production and operations

19. Proposes

19. Implements

20. Is generic

20. Is specific

21. Is at all levels of the organization

21. Is hierarchical

22. People follow leaders

22. Boss says: “Confidential”

23. Promotes transparency

23. They work for their bosses

24. Builds a team

24. Builds a company

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