A Culture of Results: You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure

What is your decision-making based on, is it intuition, opinions, or data? If you want to avoid bad decisions, everyone must be taken into account. However, a particular decision factor deserves your attention: the data. Without clear metrics, it is impossible to understand whether the results have been achieved. So the path to take is creating what we call a results-oriented culture.

In this ebook, we’ll teach you how to grow your team by analyzing your company’s own data. The ebook A Results-Oriented Culture – You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure is free.

The following topics are covered in the ebook:

How does one create a Culture of Results?

Learn about the three pillars on which companies create a culture of results.

Create a plan of action

If your business sets annual goals and objectives, then it may be about to go off the rails, and you may not even see it coming. Learn how to plan your goals and timeframes and how to monitor your results.

Didn’t you get the expected result?

We’ll show you the best strategy for dealing with situations where your results failed to reach your expectations. At moments like this, technology can help you, a lot, by collecting data.

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Recognition and communication

Have you ever heard of People Analytics? How do you present company data and metrics to your team? In this article, you’ll learn about the latest insights generated by People Analytics, which are helping team leaders and whole HR offices around the world to reach and engage their company’s employees.

An intelligent tool for a culture of results

The data analysis, your company will obtain a better understanding of the results its is achieving and will have the necessary data to make important decisions. An intelligent work management platform, like Runrun.it, helps you at every step of the way when you are creating a culture of results. With the tool, you can automate tasks and processes, quantify information and access it easily.

At Runrun.it, the time intelligence system enables you to gather data and generate information that managers would never previously had access to about your business. You’ll also have access to a customizable dashboard where you can create and display the metrics your business needs, one a single screen and in real time.

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