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Everywhere we look, we see people in a state of constant apprehension. While we initially thought that technology would make our lives easier, the opposite seems to be happening. Instead of having more manageable lives, people are becoming even more stressed. After all, with the advent of instant communications, we are not only exposed to receiving messages 24/7 but also forced to respond to them. And when we have to do everything at the same time, we end up do nothing right at all.

We need to find a way of saving our precious time by focusing on the important things, making sure that we invest our fullest attention in whatever it is we are doing, whether that is our professional or personal lives. After all, our time is finite. How often does it happen that we’re spending time with friends or family, but instead of concentrating on the moment, we keep on looking at our smartphones, out of habit, in anticipation of an interruption that has yet to come? How often do we do things on auto-pilot, while thinking of other matters, usually vaguely defined problems?

We are forgetting to take advantage of the people who mean the most to us – people who we’ll miss once they’re gone, people who we’ll feel guilty in the future for not having spent more time with them while we could. We forget to look around us and see the forest and not just the trees, to see the people around us as beings just as full of feelings and life as we are. Technology hasn’t only made us more anxious; it’s also making us more tired.

We need to take back the right to relax! But that will only happen if we are 100% present in what we are doing. At work, at meetings, at the gym, dating, with our kids… We need to concentrate on the moment, without doing one thing and thinking of the next. Mindfulness is a theme dear to many Eastern religions and philosophies.

It’s better to walk a meter in only one direction than one centimeter in all directions. That is, doing small things without an overarching purpose is the same as walking an inch in all directions. During this same period, you could have walked a meter in the right direction – and would then be closer to finding what you are looking for.

We have the solution

The concern with focus and with doing the most important thing first is a guiding principle for us at Runrun.it. We use technology to improve our lives instead of wasting the valuable time of skilled professionals like you and your staff. We use technology to make processes clear, priorities transparent and to avoid having to repeat tasks unnecessarily, and the stress that a lack of focus can bring to our professional lives.

Maximize your time at work so you can have more time for the rest of your life. Use Runrun.it to manage your workflow and your teams. What we are selling is peace of mind for managers, so they can be free to enjoy a full personal life, whether that involves dating, playing with their kids, exercising, or even just sleeping peacefully. All while knowing that everything is on track, and under control and that everyone is walking a meter in the right direction.

Runrun.it, a manager’s best tool for the job.

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