How Managing Organizational Change Can Ensure Efficiency

“An update is available”. That simple notification may provoke many moans and groans among employees. After all, a new version of any software can make employees less productive, if they don’t know how to use it. There are a few simple ways for you to manage organizational change and ensure effective task management. Start by teaching employees about new features as soon as they come out. That way, the updates can be truly enjoyed and employees will look forward to new content. They only need to understand how it works. Look at 3 ways to make a managing organizational change better.

1. Hold a seminar for new updates

Some new content can be bigger than expected. That is, a lot of changes and features to learn. In this case, it can be wise to hold a seminar for all employees to explain managing organizational change. Ensure the effective use of software updates.

2. Put out a memo for smaller updates

On the other hand, updates may be simple. Very small changes, not even noticeable. In that case, send a memo to let your employees know exactly what has changed. You’ll see how they keep calm about updates and use content for the most efficient task management.

3. Provide employees with a “cheat sheet” for new content

When new software updates are introduced or extensive updates are installed, a seminar may not be enough. A “cheat sheet” is a good way to help out employees with managing organizational change and keep them using the new content, while they get used to it. Include hot keys, pictures of new buttons and what they do. And, of course, present the most important content that you need them to start using on a regular basis. Use index cards, hard stock paper, or printouts that employees can attach to their computer screen or stand up on their desk for easy viewing.

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