How to Focus on Work?

Concentration and productivity go together because you can’t achieve your goals if you are not focused. In truth, the biggest enemy of success is lack of focus. For us to remain on track towards achieving our objectives, one must know how to improve concentration and ensure that they remain focused on work. Read along and learn how to remain focused at work.

Why Do People Lose Focus at Work?

Before one can proffer a solution to a problem, they must first know the root cause of the problem. Unfortunately, losing focus doesn’t have one general root cause but here are a few:


You don’t get enough rest to regain energy and so during work hours, your brain can’t seem to focus. As an article in Forbes says, investing in your body’s energy and ensuring that you are always refreshed; eating right and resting well, will help improve concentration at work.

Poor job satisfaction

This is another prominent reason for losing focus at work. In your team, there may arise moments where some or all team members are unhappy probably because of a failed task or poor performance review. At this point, it is totally difficult to focus.

A disorganized work environment eventually causes loss of focus.

Excess Stress

Stress is like a slow poison. According to an article in the, it fights your cognitive centers and takes a huge toll on concentration. Stress may arise from you overworking yourself when trying to achieve the objectives given to you in unrealistic deadlines.

Alcohol abuse

According to a 1971 study, alcohol abuse can give you difficulties in remembering what a person said and even make it impossible to form memories on a list. People who drink alcohol excessively may struggle to concentrate.
Alcohol abuse can stir disorganized thoughts and confusion which in turn makes it impossible to focus at work. In general, chronic alcohol abuse can severe your memory and concentration.

Poor Exercise Routines

Poor exercise routines or not getting exercise at all takes a toll not only on the body but on the mind as well. A few minutes of exercising does more good to your brain than you can imagine.

According to Wisebread, exercising spurs brain growth, boosts hormones, alleviates stress and depression, battles anxiety and increases insulin sensitivity. All these factors play significant roles in assuring our focus and concentration.

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Ensuring productivity

Here are a few ways on how to improve concentration at work and ensure productivity.

Track and Limit Time Spent on Tasks

Ensure your life don’t revolve around your work. Track the amount of time you spend on various tasks and limit the time to effectively know how much time you use on different tasks.

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Take Regular Breaks

Performing a task for a long period of time could be boring and then you tend to lose concentration. However, taking regular breaks at work can help improve concentration at work drastically, says this article at the Inc.

Avoid Multitasking

Performing multiple tasks at the same time can drastically reduce focus because you can’t effectively focus on both tasks as one will have to suffer. Commit to one single task before moving to the next one.

Encourage Self Care

According to Hubstaff statistics, between 1996 and 2000, the number of staff calling in sick tripled due to stress.
Stress stemming from occupational pressures and fears. This is a big deal, therefore, the need to encourage self-care because when your team is stressed, productivity declines.

Encourage them to care for their mental, physical and emotional health. The major reasons for leaves and vacation requests are to deal with occupational stress.

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Improve Working Conditions

According to the Business Town, an uncomfortable work environment distracts employees from concentrating at work because they are in discomfort and would be looking for ways to make the conditions favorable for themselves.
Be sure that they have the appropriate tools to execute their work effortlessly and the environment is habitable i.e. heating or cooling systems to ensure a comfortable room temperature.

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Ensuring Your team is focused

As a manager or supervisor, you must know how to improve concentration among your team members so they are focused on achieving their pre-set objectives at the stipulated time. So here are a few ways:

1. Prioritize High-Value Tasks

Ensure that you highlight the important objectives/tasks to your team so that they avoid multitasking and give those tasks the desired focus.

2. Give Them Breaks

Working for your team all day can seriously have an impact on their focus. Give them regular breaks to recess, refresh and regain their energy. After these breaks, their brain will be raring to go again.

3. Set Realistic Targets

Avoid giving them unrealistic project deadlines or objectives. In doing so, they would overwork themselves just to meet this deadline. This could lead to stress and eventually they lose focus and make errors along the line. Always set realistic team objectives and deadlines.

4. Eliminate Distractions

Even at the workplace, there can be things that distract your team from working and these things are termed “productivity killer”.

An example is social media; notifications prompts from member phones every minute could take their focus away from work. BusinessTown suggests implementing a “no-phone” policy is an effective way of eliminating this distraction.

5. Motivate Your Team Always

Motivation is very important in maintaining focus on your team because they could get bored along the line and then their concentration suffers.

According to Inc., one effective way of motivating your team is through using gamification techniques. Gamifying certain tasks can be more appealing and exciting to your team and in turn, they stay focused.

While motivating them, get rid of motivation killers like abrasive personalities, lack of organizational vision, and autocratic management approach at the same time.

Now you can implement these methods to improve concentration and focus at work. Follow these steps, and productivity at work is assured.

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