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Nimble leadership and the development of an agile organization involves keeping up with changing business practices and the ability to respond quickly and effectively when a new problem crops up. If an industry is changing quickly, an agile organization is able to stay nimble and respond to new challenges as well as develop innovative solutions.

Before moving forward in discussing how to create an agile company, it is useful to first define exactly what this trending topic is. Essentially, an agile organization is one that is quick at responding to changes in an industry or in a marketplace. This type of business focuses on the customer and attempts to tailor their products or services to the needs of the customer.


In order to develop an agile business and display nimble leadership, it is imperative to discuss technical practices, company culture, business systems, and leadership as a whole, according to a LinkedIn post written by management consultant Joseph Flahiff.

Technical Practices are Necessary for Nimble Leadership

When a business leader is looking to implement nimble strategies for responding to a quickly changing industry, technical practices are the tools they use. Technical practices involve various techniques to stay agile in a transforming business world. Business leaders also teach others how to use technical practices so that customer value can be delivered quickly and effectively.

Technical practices are not put in place with the possibility or exception of change occurring in your industry. These practices are put in place based on change being certain within any company or industry. Additionally, technical practices are important for improving the customer-business relationship. These techniques are designed to benefit the company and the customer as well.

An agile business with managers displaying nimble leadership must show the ability to respond to changes quickly or even faster than the fluctuations occur. As such, it is vital to provide value to the customers as quickly as possible as well as incorporate defined feedback loops.


Along with discussing the importance of technical practices, nimble leadership requires incorporating the right company culture.

How Company Culture Impacts an Agile Organization

Company culture entails the specific system of organizational values, beliefs, and behaviors. When attempting to develop agility and nimble leadership at your organization, it is vital to incorporate into your company culture the ability to adapt quickly to change as it comes your way. Company culture should include the supports needed to respond to change such as the right software products.

Additionally, company culture looking to become more agile will need to incorporate values of transparency and honesty as well as being more realistic. Essentially, the most important belief to include in company culture is customer value above all other factors.

An agile company needs to have engaged and organized teams with motivated and collaborative employees. It is vital to create a company culture where everyone feels free to speak their mind.

That way, ideas and solutions become more innovative as more employees feel comfortable offering their opinions. Even if one’s opinion is different from someone in authority, everyone should feel that their ideas are welcome at the company. As such, be sure to encourage team members to communicate their thoughts. Lastly, incorporating a mindset of continual improvement is vital for company success over the long-term.


Along with incorporating the right company culture, nimble leadership strategies need to consider all business systems throughout your company.

Business Systems Impact Agility throughout Your Company

Within a nimble company, you’ll find that business systems are the set of tools, beliefs, practices, processes, and policies that work to support your organization. Essentially, business systems help managers and company leaders make the right decisions and respond quickly to problems. Additionally, business systems support prioritizing work assignments so that customer and business value is delivered in an efficient manner.

In addition, business systems impact the technical practices that are used in a nimble organization. This is further enabled with effective nimble leadership starting from the top and spreading to all departments throughout a company. Business systems support the work of managers, analysts, leaders, and teams and enable these groups to work together and deliver the best customer value.


Along with the business systems that enable agility throughout an organization, it is vital to incorporate the right leadership in order to ensure your business can quickly respond to new challenges.

The Right Nimble Leadership Qualities Needed for Your Organization

There are specific qualities that a leader will need to possess in order to create an agile workplace. One specific quality is trust, which means leaders need to be able to trust their teams to complete their projects effectively and trust that employees spend their time productively. Essentially, this type of leader does not define what exactly needs to be done in specific detail and does not cover how a certain assignment needs to be completed.

A nimble leader needs to offer a vision and guidance with specific goals for the organization. Additionally, this type of leader needs to be able to overcome obstacles and provide a smooth way forward in completing goals among their team members.


While factors like company culture and leadership may be difficult to change throughout a company, it is worth attempting to transform these factors in order for your business to become a more successful and agile organization. To create more effective leaders at your place of business, it is helpful to consider the different types of leadership styles that create an agile and nimble company.

Three Types of Leadership Styles to Strengthen Your Organization

The three types of leadership styles that will improve the agility of your business include entrepreneurial leadership, enabling leadership, and architecting leadership, according to the Harvard Business Review.

Entrepreneurial leaders are more likely to seize opportunities for growth, bring visions for advancing their organization to their colleagues, and ask for more resources when needed. This type of leader tends to have more self-confidence and act on their impulses to further advance their company.

Entrepreneurial leaders also have a strategic mindset and know their business very well. They have an excellent grasp on their company’s strategic goals. This can all lead to a stronger company capable of quickly responding to new challenges.

Enabling leaders tend to have more experience and are in charge of teaching other managers how to lead their teams. Enabling leaders look to connect with others and overcome the obstacles that affect their organization. You can think of an enabling leader as a coach or mentor rather than a boss.

This type of leader asks questions to guide an individual instead of setting up specific directions. Connecting with others this way can also help foster creativity and bring more solutions to the table. As such, enabling leaders help create an environment where team members quickly respond to challenges and solve problems in order to bring more value to customers.

Architecting leaders are the senior managers and supervisors at an organization. This type of leader tends to focus more on big picture items and issues related to changing company culture, resources, and structure. You will see that architecting leaders respond to external problems and opportunities while also handling internal operations throughout an organization.


You will see that these three types of leaders are essential for creating an agile and nimble business capable of responding to new obstacles using innovative solutions. Lastly, we will discuss some of the factors that contribute toward developing an agile company.

Two Factors Necessary for Nimble Leadership

The two key factors that are necessary for an effective agile methodology and nimble leadership at your company include collaboration and communication. Collaborating with clients and investors is a major part of running a successful business while effectively communicating between teams and developers is a necessity for delivering a valuable product to customers.

If you foster an environment where employees develop strong collaborative skills and are able to communicate well, you’ll be better able to achieve business goals and ensure customers receive the best value from your products and services.

You may want to develop training sessions to help your team learn how to better collaborate and communicate. Additionally, you may need to incorporate software tools and project management platforms to make communication quick and easy among team members.

In fact, agile methodology was first applied in the software industry. When the software industry began to grow and change, there were diverging interests that cropped up and caused problems between developers and customers. Customer needs led to a need to find new solutions. This is how agile methodology became a necessity for this particular industry.


Yet, software products, such as the Runrun.it project management platform, play a major role in solving typical problems especially in terms of quick communication for a variety of industries.

How Project Management Software Supports Nimble Leadership

You will discover that Runrun.it project management software can be a big help in achieving an agile organization. This type of software supports nimble leadership goals by fostering collaboration and communication across a team. This platform will keep your team motivated and ensure more transparent communication so that company leaders will be able to display more trust in their employees.

Best of all, you’ll enjoy a streamlined workflow without major issues holding up projects. This is because you can easily leave comments and upload the latest files for an assignment. If you’d like to see if Runrun.it software is right for your company, click here for a free trial.

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