Strategic management and Innovation

Working Towards a Culture of Accountability in the Workplace

It’s safe to say the best employers want to foster a culture of accountability in the workplace. Those who don’t, don’t usually stay employers for very long. Accountability in business can, though, sometimes feel like an unattainable standard, a light at the end of a very long and dark tunnel full of HR nightmares and employees that do more damage than they do good to your company.

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Pieces of Career Advice You Needed Yesterday

When you graduate with your degree, you’re bombarded with advice. “Go on a trip,” “find yourself,” “get experience first, don’t worry about salary,” “don’t settle for a job you don’t like because of the salary.” While a lot of this career advice is solid, it can be difficult to organize it into “useful now” and “useful later” piles. And if you try to do everything your advisors, friends, and family members tell you to do, you’re bound to shoot yourself in the foot.

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The New World of Work

The world is in the throes of global change. We are experiencing an advent of technologies that boggle the mind with their abilities, an age where robots can become bosses and people and computers are working seamlessly to generate unprecedented volumes of work. Twenty years ago, the corporate, 9-to-5 mindset dominated the world of work. Major corporations like Wal-Mart and IBM controlled the world of work, wielding thousands of employees that smaller businesses could not compete with. It seemed like the only way to beat them was to work for them, gaining a tiny piece of their enormous pie.

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Wearables are Revolutionizing Productivity with Technology

It’s no secret that technology is bleeding into every facet of our everyday lives. Since the advent of the internet, businesses have been riding the wave of technological advances, or struggling to keep up with it. One hallmark of a solid business today is its ability to keep up with advances in technology, and wearable technology is the next big thing. We’re becoming more and more familiar with wearables such as smart watches, Google Glass, and health monitoring devices, but companies are taking wearables to the next level.

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I, Robot: Robobosses are Micromanaging Machines

You see it in movies all the time – robots take the place of people, performing menial tasks such as garbage collection and order-taking. We have machines selling us airline tickets, movie tickets and flowers. In some countries, robots even govern the sale of such items as iPhones, Lego sets, and wine. But the use of advanced technology is creeping its way even further into the world of work in the rise of a concept known as the robo-boss. Robobosses (or just robosses) are being given charge of the human workforce in ways never before seen. You may even find yourself working for a roboboss someday.

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How to gauge and allocate the time of your team?

*Post written by Franklin Valadares, CTO and co-founder of

I have almost 20 years of experience in team management and nearly complete certainty that in large, the solution of fixed costs allocation in relation to fixed salaries resides in how your employees use workload appointment systems (when they exist.) Would it be too much to ask that employees literally wear these systems? As a watch for example? Let me explain.

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5 Ways to Keep Your Resume out of The “No Pile”

*Guest-post writen by Caileen Kehayas, a content marketer for Proven.

Who loves writing resumes? Hello? Anybody?

That’s right. Nobody actually likes writing a resume, but they are extremely important in the hiring process.

However, there are easy ways to write a good resume. You can avoid the pitfalls that will put you on the express train directly to the dreaded “No Pile.”

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Who Are Employees? The Powerful Future of People Data

We know big data is powerful. We also know the future of HR is in flux. But pinning down the animal that is “people data” is something else entirely. A simple Google search returns 1.1 billion results for “what is people data?” But very few of them really get to any kind of definition. We know it’s the wave of the future, but what is people data, and how can companies apply it today?

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Productivity Hacks: Train Yourself to Deliver More with Less

The inner battle for motivation is real. How many of us find ourselves desperate for more hours in the day, or stay late, or come into work on our days off to get caught up on mountains of never-ending work? The problem with this is that it subverts the balance between work time and personal time, and in order to function well, employees need both. What if we could work smarter instead of longer in order to take the hours we have and make them more productive? Enter the concept of productivity hacks.

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