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The top productivity tips that are the best

Here is my list in no particular order because they are all equally important.

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1. Technology management

What kind of technology are you using to manage your company? Are you still delegating through E-mail? Maybe it’s time to look at other options.

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Free DISC Test: What kind of professional are you?

The DISC test is a theory developed at Harvard, which is used as a personal assessment tool. The test is called DISC because it demonstrates four basic traits of people behavior: Dominance, Influence, Stability and Conformity. Remember that we may have more than one behavior type. Actually, we normally have one or two styles that outweigh the others – Although no one is considered better than the other is. Take this test and discover which kind of atmosphere you better fit in, what kind to tasks you are better at taking on, and how can be used to play into your strengths.

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Brave New World: Setting Career Development Goals

Since the turn of the century, the global workplace has not been especially kind to workers looking to make a career change. The global workplace has been even less kind to educated, young, would-be members of the workforce. This phenomenon has made making career development goals not only more difficult, but also more necessary than ever to implement.

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My Coworker is a Computer: Machines as Talent in the Workplace

In a world where technology permeates our existence, HR representatives and business analysts are scrambling to answer the big questions about the impact computers can have on the workplace. When so many processes can be automated, and analytics show that computers can often take the place of three or four employees much more cheaply, we have to ask ourselves: what role should using machines as talent take in the workplace?

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Structure = Success: Promoting Optimized Organizational Design

Every company, whether it’s a tiny start-up or an established megacorporation the size of a small metropolis, dreams of the day when a perfectly streamlined, productive workflow will characterize the everyday working lives of their employees. The reality is that most companies don’t know where to start to achieve this standard of operations. Sure, we know that productivity can be promoted and efficiency maximized on an individual level and even a hierarchal level, but what about at the level of the organization in its entirety? Welcome to organizational design, a concept which takes known patterns of effectiveness and applies them to corporations as a whole.

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Adventures in Personal Development: Preparing for a Difficult Conversation at Work

Very few people genuinely enjoy conflict, and those who seem to thrive on it tend to be the ones making the rest of us miserable, but in the workplace, conflict is inevitable. Solid personal development practices depend on employees working together and learning how to overcome workplace problems professionally and graciously. At the end of the day, you and your coworkers are a team working towards a common goal, and if you allow bad blood and frustrations to build and build until they boil over you’re only contributing to your own discomfort and impeding your own productivity and personal development.

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Get Smart! Time Management Techniques for “The Good Life”

We know almost instinctively that meeting goals increases happiness. When people run a 5k for the first time or win the spelling bee or cross off the last item on the list, there’s a sense of accomplishment that comes along with the experience. We feel good about ourselves; we did the thing! But sometimes, this sense of accomplishment can suffer in the area of work. Projects and deadlines pile up, seemingly endless, and emails pour in faster than they can be answered. Without effective time management techniques to combat the tide, the average employee can wind up feeling more like he or she is drowning rather than surfing.

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Performance Management – Great Bosses Versus Great Leaders

Pop media has a bad habit of taking a seemingly innocuous observation and blowing it way out of proportion, asserting that one opinion or side of the issue is superior and completely ignoring the advantages of the other. One such instance of this is recent insinuations that “leaders” are better than “bosses,” and that they are mutually exclusive, but can we say that this is fundamentally so? Probably not. Being a leader or being a boss is a specific choice made by managers as a way to adopt a performance management style.

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