Eight reasons why you should replace email with management software

“Email is a random task list, imposed by others, regardless of your schedule.” With just this brief comment, Antonio Carlos Soares, CEO of, makes it clear why companies around the world are replacing email with management software. There are several examples: the French IT giant Atos banned email from use by its more than 76,000 employees in 52 countries and adopted an online collaboration tool.

Across the English Channel, the Halton Housing Trust, an NGO that cares for homeless people and manages thousands of homes, has simply decided to extinguish the service, once again to be replaced by management software. And Van Meter, an electrical parts distributor in the United States, followed the same path: it stopped the use of emails to improve the company’s internal culture. Virgin has also made its employees disconnect from emails for a few moments.

Software Management: A trend that is here to stay

Everything points to the probability that the adoption of alternative tools in the place of electronic mail is not a fad. But if you’re not already familiar with this new team working and management tool – or if you still need to be convinced that innovation is worth the disruption – here are eight reasons to believe in the transformative potential of management software:

1. You’ll save a lot of time

According to a McKinsey global economic report, if you use email, you’re spending more than 1/4 of your workday on it. Have you thought about what you could do with all that time?

But you don’t have to despair: you can save 25 to 30% of all the time you lose with e-mails if the company replaces its primary communication channel with a social platform such as management software. These tools can save you time since they centralize and organize communications, making it much easier to find relevant information when you need it most.

2. You’ll see an increase in productivity

The first email was sent in 1971. It was an incredible invention, but today it has become productivity’s worst enemy, mainly because it delivers all kinds of messages without prioritizing them. With management software, employees work with clear priorities and all information related to the tasks at hand is gathered and saved within them.

There is a workflow, in the intimate sense of the word “flow,” since all company teams can interact within the same system. And yet, the tasks will be sent and received only by those who are authorized to send and receive them.

3. You’ll no longer depend on timesheets

Do you know how much money the US economy loses because the time spent on emails is not properly accounted for by professionals on their timesheets and is therefore not charged to clients? It’s an almost unbelievable $7.4 billion a day, according to Accelo’s Time is Money survey. But these losses won’t continue for long. With management software, all you need to do it click play/pause on the task and get to work.

The software will keep track of the elapsed time and will even estimate each task’s and project’s delivery date. And the best part is that it gives managers critical data to make crucial decisions, whether it’s cutting costs, eliminating production bottlenecks, or rewarding the most productive professionals.

4. You’ll be able to find what you are looking for

Email is a nightmare when you need to retrieve the latest version of a file or reread a task briefing. Instead of scouring your inbox, trash and, hopefully, your folders, you and your entire team can quickly find what you need, because you be able to find everything within the management tool. And the advantages don’t stop there.

Instead of being locked into a single email account, the data and files are visible to all those who have permission to view them, and they can be shared partners, suppliers and customers. Even in the case where some professional leaves the company, their intellectual capital will be safe for a new employee to continue with the job.

5. You’ll find out what collaboration is all about

Many CEOs consider that a lack of collaboration and poor communication are the main causes of problems in the workplace. Now, think about what happens when more than two people are working together on a project. Email just was not designed to handle complex projects, which depend on multiple stakeholders.

The answer is not copying a list of people, many of whom do not need to keep track of the work, on the email. That’s why, with management software, you can create an intelligent workflow, without even needing an email and including only those people who genuinely need to be kept aware of the task.

6. You’ll finally understand how to evolve

Okay, but when I need to make a general announcement, only email will be able to reach everyone, right? Not really. Whether you are a manager or an employee, everyone can use the management software to share a notice or some news.

7. You’ll be able to organize your information

Enough of mismatched or deleted information in a morass of emails. When your employees correctly use management software while they work, the entire workflow gets organized, and data gets preserved.

And there’s no need to worry about bureaucratic tasks: a tool like, for example, produces time reports with just a few clicks.

8. You eliminate background noise

Tools like email are primarily responsible for background noise in communication. And noise, you know, can cause serious conflicts. A misinterpreted message, and that’s it: the damage is done. And there is always the excuse (sometimes real) that the message went into the “spam” folder.

Management software eliminates this risk by formalizing communications, making it the “official” tool for the entire company. Once again, can be very useful, since it structures the way you and your team communicate.

With it, every task belongs to a project, and every project belongs to a client. You can communicate with anyone within each task, leaving comments and attachments.

Replace email right now

Convinced? Nothing prevents you from replacing email right now with management software., for all the features already mentioned, is a reliable, complete and easy-to-use option.

With, your company’s information flow is structured and centralized. Everything is there, without omissions, without noise, without loss of time. It’s a benefit for both employees and managers. And if you’re still in doubt, here’s another argument: you can try it for free. Visit our website and check it out:


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