The best productivity apps – and why I chose them

Everyone is always looking for a way to achieve higher levels of productivity whether it be to stay competitive or to reduce stress in their day to day life. Now, we’ve heard it all before, reduce time talking on the phone, get off social media, put your work shoes on, etc. There are so many methodologies, techniques and theories, but sometimes we need a little bit more! What we need are results, we need, productivity applications, but not just any applications. We need the best productivity apps. With all the apps floating around it seems there is an application for everything.

Where do you need to be more productive in your life?

When it comes down to it, you really have to take a look at your problem and apply said question to it. Are you having problems staying productive with your email? Is productivity at work becoming more and more of an issue? From the organization of your daily life to the organization in the workplace, there are literally thousands of apps to surf through before finding the right ones to solve these issues. That’s why I am here writing this post for you. To help you search through the haystack for the best productivity apps in their respective fields.

What is a productivity app?

So what is the difference between writing down items in a physical planner vs writing things down in a planner app you ask? Well initially, there isn’t much of a difference; it’s what comes afterwards that makes all the difference. When you write down in your physical planner that you have a Skype meeting with some clients, you have to remind yourself, which means frequently checking your planner to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything.

In other words you have to physically turn the gears in your own system, which has flaws if there are things that come as a surprise or take your attention away. Where as in a planner app you can write down what you need to do, set the time and some details even attach files on when/how to do said item and continue on with your day. The application will remind you that it needs to be done, or if you are falling behind schedule. The best productivity apps stop the seemingly never-ending interruptions of checking what needs to be done and take care of the legwork for you. It can even turn into a co-worker of sorts. The system runs by itself and can act on your behalf if you so desire.

Personal productivity application

I want you to think for a moment about all the things you have floating around in your personal life at this very moment. Can you? Did you get them all? Trying to simply remember every detail of things we have to do and events we have to attend is just simply impossible; the brain just pushes them out. From waiting for a package to checking flight sales for that vacation in a few months, there is so much to keep balanced. The best productivity apps for personal use can accomplish this for you. You can keep your mind at ease and rely more heavily on apps to carry the load for you.

Best productivity apps in the workplace

In the workplace, the search for better productivity is never ending, yet it is natural for human beings to get stuck in a single, unchanging method of doing work. At one point in time, these methods proved to work and were productive, but with the passing of time, they have been replaced by better alternatives. In today’s world, it is in the smartphone, or more specifically the smartphone application. The best productivity apps for work is those that do not only take one or two passive tasks off the managers/employees hands but they facilitate all passive forms of micromanagement (do you know robosses?) to information gathering for report building.

To expand on this I ask you to think about the relationship of a manager and their employees. Managers have a project and pass out tasks accordingly sometimes while even doing business overseas. In the past, in order for managers to get updates they needed to bombard employees with emails and phone calls to get status updates to know what the progress of each task was. This not only leads to unproductive steps for the manager, but it leads to unproductive steps for the employees as well having to stop working and send in, detailed progress reports.

Using a task management application for smartphones completely eliminates this step and allows for the ideal system to work with much more fluidity. All managers need do is look in the system and check the progress of the areas they wishes to see. From the application the managers will better be able to see what areas are falling behind, making it much easier to focus their attention where it needs to be more precisely.


Best in the business, take a look at these top tier productivity apps!

Maximize productivity in the workplace is a task management tool that generates a foundation for effective communication – my best productivity app to user in the workplace. allows for managers to keep track of project and task projects through just a few simple clicks. Attach files to tasks, spell out the details, get reports, the whole 9 yards – Gantt included. By streamlining paperwork, increases productivity and provides a home base for employees and supervisors to apply to their business conversations. And what’s more is you can give it a try for free.

Staying productive with social media


Would you like to get more productive with your social media? Hootsuite is a social media management system that gives users an integrated user interface from which to manage their social interactions. Hootsuite supports Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Foursquare and more. This service is great for anyone who wants to keep their profiles constantly updated without having to bounce around rewriting texts and posts. To go a step further if you manage multiple pages Hootsuite is definitely worth checking out.

Keeping in touch, get those emails in check

Newton mail

Similar to Hootsuite, if you are like me, you have various Emails, one for my work, one for my personal, and one for that hobby that you love to make money with. Newton mail is a great app to not have to bounce around email to email. Newton mail works with Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail/Outlook, iCloud, Google Apps, Office 365 and all IMAP accounts. It also has support with google calendars and much more!

Personal life a mess? Clean it up and stay productive.


EasilyDo is a personal task manager or in other words a great to-do list  that lets you do things like organize your travel plans, track shipments, update your contacts, create personalized email alerts, and more. Adding to EasilyDo’s impressive feats is their Email integration. It gets everything organized in one screen for ease of access to all-important information across all your emails, all this while keeping in the most important factor; the organization of your personal life.

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