Free DISC Test: What kind of professional are you?

The DISC test is a theory developed at Harvard, which is used as a personal assessment tool. The test is called DISC because it demonstrates four basic traits of people behavior: Dominance, Influence, Stability and Conformity. Remember that we may have more than one behavior type. Actually, we normally have one or two styles that outweigh the others – Although no one is considered better than the other is. Take this test and discover which kind of atmosphere you better fit in, what kind to tasks you are better at taking on, and how Runrun.it can be used to play into your strengths.

Before you start, understand that your

  • Dominance refers to how you deal with problems and challenges;
  • Influence, how you deal with people and influence others;
  • Stability, how you deal with change;
  • Conformity, how you deal with rules set by others.

From the DISC Test to your day to day

Now you know which of your personality traits are most predominate. But, how is this information useful? Well now you can: avoid frustrations, bad decisions and better locate job paths made for you. However, how should you behave when you have various types of people that have to work together i.e. in your teams project? More often than not, this happens, and when it happens what do you do? – You have to start with the organization of the workflow. On top of that, you have to take into consideration that everyone has their own preferred way of communication, to rectify this you can start with cutting e-mails out of the main pipelines of productive communication and adapt a more modern media to chat and exchange tasks. Finally, you need to cut back on meetings and bureaucratic work. And how is all of this possible? Runrun.it! The task management web-app used by more than 150,000 companies worldwide. Able to enhance the cohesion between all layers of your company and proven to increase productivity by 25%. See how Runrun.it can help your company become more productive. Try it now for free at http://runrun.it



  1. I cannot find the test I took for the company who invited me to take it. How do I find it to send it to them and to read it myself? Please let me know at nadincec2010@gmail.com or at 503-381-6062. I have an interview at 2p Monday, tomorrow January 27, 2020.

    Thank you,
    Nadine Cummings

    1. Hi Nadine. The result of the test is given on the same page. If you close it, you need to repeat the test.

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