The top productivity tips that are the best

Here is my list in no particular order because they are all equally important.

Originally posted at Quora.

1. Technology management

What kind of technology are you using to manage your company? Are you still delegating through E-mail? Maybe it’s time to look at other options.

2. Time management

In order to stay productive it is necessary to have various goals set. However, just setting this is not enough. Often, the tasks of day-to-day occupy our time, and it is very difficult to get focus on working on our goals for the long term. A nice way to control that is using an automatized time tracking

3. Prioritizing tasks

Another key factor to productivity is prioritizing tasks. It is all too common that employees spent time working on tasks that are not necessary at this point in time. when it could be more productive putting their efforts into the right area.

4. Effective communication

What is the best way to communicate, sending out hundreds of emails daily does not make one productive.. It makes you busy and they aren’t always the same thing.

5. People analytics

Read Tony´s Article here for more information on this. He says it better than I ever could

6. Identify Problem Areas

Are you spending to much time/money in one area. sometime we have employees whose skill sets are more advanced than some of the tasks they work on. this can lead to unproductive use of assets. all areas of our company must run at optimum efficiency by delegating approriate tasks.

7. Balancing overwhelmed employees

Employees are the key to productivity but if they are overwhelmed they can kill productivity. Tony from writes ‘’By applying simplification of work to a busy work flow, employees can recover their sanity and make productive headway in their positions.’’

8. Be a problem solver

Does your team have an issue needing a resolution? Don’t pass this problem on to another if your experience can add to the solution. Be part of the team. Not above them. this will overall add to productivity.

9. Use

In this day and age there is no better task management tool to give yourself, and your company a huge leap into your productivity goals. is the best way to achieve this. All of the productivity tips listed above can be better achieved using

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